Las claves para el vino chileno en 2020 según Peter Richards

Las claves para el vino chileno en 2020 según Peter Richards

En su reciente visita al país organizada por Vinos de Chile, el galardonado crítico de vinos, escritor, locutor y Master of Wine inglés, Peter Richards, dejó tres aspectos claves del sector vitivinícola chileno, que destacamos aquí:

1.- La escena del vino chileno es una de las más dinámicas, de rápido desarrollo y emocionante del planeta.

2.- Se ve claramente que el centro de gravedad vitivinícola chileno se está moviendo hacia vinos de terroir, difíciles de replicar por otro país productor.

3.- Chile necesita migrar de su reputación actual de productor de vinos de bajo precio, hacia una de productor de vinos únicos de calidad. Este proceso que se mantiene en curso, debe ser entendido, explicado y difundido.

En ese sentido, Richards renovó su compromiso para difundir todas las experiencias que recopiló en su paso por Chile.

Conoce la carta de Peter Richards, aquí:


Impressions of the trip

By Peter Richards MW, March 2020

Having lived in Chile and visited regularly since the 1990s, I can say one thing with certainty: the Chilean wine scene is one of the most dynamic, fast-developing and exciting on the planet.

That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the latest developments on the ground on a regular basis. Every time I visit, there are new projects to learn about and document, new grape varieties and styles to discover, sometimes entirely new regions or terroirs to get to know.

It’s clear to see that Chile’s vinous centre of gravity is moving. Towards more elegant, terroir-focused wines that are harder for other countries or places to replicate. This is essential if Chile’s wine industry is to survive and thrive long-term. Being unique, with names and styles other places can’t replicate, that’s what Chile needs to aim for. And that’s exactly what I saw on my latest trip in February 2020, from the country’s largest traditional producers to its smallest, most avant-garde ones.

I’m grateful to Wines of Chile for organizing my trip. This kind of visit is essential to spreading the news of what’s exciting in Chile, which in turn will help build the country’s credentials for premium wine (and, in turn, provide the foundations for a sustainable industry). Chile needs to shift away from a reputation of providing cheap yet good value wines to one where it’s known for its fine, unique wines. This process, which remains ongoing, needs to be understood, explained and enthused about.

I found this trip particularly rewarding, informative and useful because it gave me a large quantity of material to use in my role as a wine communicator, writer, author, broadcaster, teacher, judge and event host. That information is vital not just for me but also for Chile. Exciting times.


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