WoC Premier Tasting

Premier Tasting is a flagship event in the Canadian business calendar whose primary objective is to create a connection with the Ontario business as well as to update local stakeholders on developments, innovations and sustainability in Chile, seeking to generate representation sales/listings and will include a Grand Master Class with the main wine personalities, and […]

Wines of Chile Training Experience

Wines of Chile Training Experience, consists of formal classes, which with an educational objective, train people who sell Chilean wine, building familiarity and enthusiasm for them. The sessions will begin in late 2023, which is expected to precede major Wines of Chile thematic releases and major VINTAGES de Chile releases.

USA reporting program

It is a program that aims to keep wineries and strategic partners for business decision making. As well as to also evaluate the WoC USA strategy. The information acquired will refer to channel sales by origin, average prices, concentration of each category, consumption trends, from providers such as IRI, Nielsen, Impact Data or SipSource. The […]

Wine to Win Meetings – 2023

This activity is broadcast online and seeks to virtually connect Chilean wine producers with importers in the United States. In collaboration with ProChile, importers or companies with an import license interested in adding Chilean wine to their portfolios will be contacted. Each Wine to Win Meeting begins with an opening message from Wines of Chile […]

Sustainability 365 – 2023

Sustainability 365 honors the days of the year that our winemakers, viticulturists and people from the sector dedicate to the sustainability of our wines. In 2023, the activity pursues the following specific objectives: 1.Educate and train decision makers on the attributes, green credentials, and quality of Chilean wines. For which we will carry out tasting […]

Chilean Icons & Awards Ceremony

Chilean Icons & Awards Ceremony is a Premium activity that seeks to convene the largest distributors and importers from all over China and provide them with the experience of learning about our icon wines, to improve the perception of high quality. It also seeks to build business relationships and generate opportunities for the participating wineries […]

Influencer Campaign “Welcome to vinoculture”

This activity will be carried out jointly with the FirstPour Talent agency, and will consist of creating a communication campaign using key influencers with the aim of achieving awareness and promoting Chilean wines. This allows us to introduce ourselves to a Chilean way of doing things, with a new word that we can take ownership […]

12th Wines of Chile Grand Tasting Sao Paulo

Its main objective is to celebrate Chile’s leadership in Brazil and contribute to the Premium positioning of the category, increasing awareness of quality, sustainability and innovation of Chilean wines. In terms of consumers, we want to consolidate their preference for Chilean wines by giving them the opportunity to interact with their protagonists and taste a […]

Roadshow Brazil

This activity consists of taking a tour of 3 regions (Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and the Brazilian Northeast). All with great potential for growth in wine consumption in the market and where Chile seeks to position itself under the pillars of sustainability, innovation, quality/diversity and premiumization. The focus is to connect the wineries with the trade, […]