92+ Korea

Its objective is to educate regarding the diversity and quality of the Chilean wine offer. Today there are already many large and small Chilean wineries that have wines with 92+ points – awarded by a defined list of critics – which can contribute to developing the Premium positioning of the category, increasing awareness of the quality of the wines Chileans, give visibility and boost sales.

Additionally, work will be done to increase consumer demand and generate greater recognition of the total supply of Chilean wines for small and large wineries. The central part consists of a pairing with local Korean cuisine led by a sommelier in conjunction with renowned Chefs (Celebrity), they will perform a live cooking show broadcast by streaming. In addition, we will have a “92+ master class” highlighting the high quality of Chilean wine and its award-winning wines. We will close with a festival of the participating vineyards, where they will be able to show their wines for trade. Assistance is expected from purchase decision makers, including sommeliers, restaurant owners, trade and the press. It contemplates the participation of more than 30 vineyards.


Responsible consumption

Become a responsible
wine consumer

We could go on for hours about wine, and its benefits are many. Among them, moderate wine consumption reduces the risk of mortality from heart disease by half, improves blood flow and enhances the flavours of food. In addition, wine is social, allowing for different delicious libations in the company of friends. But wine is not without its pitfalls, as the saying goes, there can be too much of a good thing.


Drinking alcohol, even in small quantities, alters cognitive abilities, decreases our attentiveness and leads to slower response times. It is worth noting that alcohol consumption is the leading cause of traffic accidents.

Being a responsible consumer is everyone’s business

You can be a part of the solution, keeping the above in mind to not let wine become a negative experience.