WoC Lives // USA

WoC Live // USA: Covid-19 Audience Insight

Speaker: Adam Teeter, Thursday June 11th

Now, more than ever, there’s an opportunity for you to use the digital channels to your advantage to continue to sell. In this one hour webinar, Vinepair founder Adam Teeter, the leading platform in the USA in terms of wine, beer and spirits content, will analyze internal consumption data from Vinepair with more than 4.5 million monthly visits to its page. These insights will help Chilean brands understand how to adapt their marketing and sales strategies in the American market

Key questions to be answered in the webinar:

  • What are the trends in terms of wine, during and post-covid-19?
  • What categories of wine during and after – covid-19, changes in preferences by category?
  • Did Rosé start early this year? Why?
  • What consumption occasions have appeared in the USA during this pandemic?
  • What wine formats have been consolidated in the market?
  • It came relative to other spirits today. What about beer consumption?
  •  What will happen the rest of the year? Where should we invest our marketing efforts in the market?
  • What lessons can we learn from previous crises in the USA?

WoC Live // USA: GrapeIn, B2B in the US Market

Speaker: Jack Cohen, GrapeIn CEO and Co-Founder , Thursday June 25th

GrapeIn platform enables small wine and spirits suppliers to grow their business and sell more profitably by connecting directly with trade buyers, retailers, restaurants and end consumers.

Over 3,000 trade buyers of all sizes from small restaurants to national retail chains browse GrapeIn in a given week. This recent Forbes mention tells more of the story.

This demo will help Chilean brands understand how GrapeIn platform can help them get discovered by buyers and expand their distribution in the US.

Key questions to be answered in the webinar:

  • What are the main entry barriers to the U.S. market for new wine brands?
  • How do big producers sell vs. small producers?
  • What is the wine direct-to-retail model?
  • How can GrapeIn platform assist with gaining direct connections with trade buyers?
  • How can small brands grow demand for their products with trade buyers and end consumers leveraging online marketing?

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