Wines of Chile mourns Steven Spurrier

Wines of Chile are saddened by the news that our wonderful friend and supporter Steven Spurrier has passed away. Steven was an enthusiastic champion of Chilean wine and will be greatly missed.

Steven was a strong advocate for Chile’s wine potential. He was a judge for the AWoCA’s (Annual Wines of Chile Awards) in 2005 & 2011 which were the 2nd & 8th Awards. His perception and guidance from these awards was and has been consequently been listened to and is more than evident in Chilean wines today.

Steven is famously known for the ‘1976 Judgement of Paris’ tasting which was a fantastic window to the new world wines, to be considered and heard in the old world of wine. Then, Steven took an active role in the ‘The Berlin Tasting’, in 2004, where Chile upstaged some of the world’s most prestigious and acclaimed wines. Steven Spurrier subsequently quoted: ‘I think it is a major result that Chilean wines were not viewed as great potential
wines, but after the Berlin Tasting they were’.

This event was one of the defining moments that put Chilean wines on the wine world stage, and we most certainly have Steven to thank for his perception and involvement of which includes his touring China in 2018 with Wines of Chile, to communicate and endorse chilean
wines to up and coming Chinese critics and influencers.

We raise a glass to you Steven, and thank you for your love of Chile and its wines, rest in peace our dear friend.


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