We discussed Carmenere’s miraculous story

We discussed  Carmenere’s miraculous story, tasting through three benchmark representations, and provided  the ultimate experience on this amazing grape variety

The story of the grape Carmenere is one of the greatest stories in the wine world in the last 25 years!

A grape once forgotten, left for dead, rediscovered, and reimagined is now thriving in the perfect climate thousands of miles from its original homeland in Bordeaux, France. 

It all but disappeared from France after the devastation of a Phylloxera, a vampiric root louse that sucked the life out of the vines in Europe in the late 1900s. 

Luckily Carmenere, found its way to Chile on many exploratory vinous voyages between France and Chile during this time as Chile started to plant their viticultural flag. 

It was rediscovered in 1994 and officially in 1996 by a French Ampelographer Jean-Michel Boursiquot who knew by the color and shape of the leaves that it was indeed the forgotten grape of Bordeaux, Carmenere. 


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