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We are a non-profit, private trade association that represents the wine producers of Chile.

Strengthening the winemaking industry by participating in the analysis and preparation of government development policies, free trade agreements, and regulations relevant to wine. Promoting Chilean wine in the domestic and international arenas. Driving research and development of new technologies and processes throughout the industry’s value chain. Stimulating the development of workers in the industry through training, labor certification, and social scholarships. Being a meeting point for associates, providing them with guidance during the different business phases, without affecting their own identities.


To be recognized and boost the image as premium wines in the international and domestic markets, while positioning the best quality and diversity of Chilean wine. To do this by combining associativity, cooperation, and understanding of the exporting ecosystem.


To be solidified as the number one producer of premium, sustainable, and diverse wines in the New World by 2025, while promoting and positioning the guarantee of origin and contributing to the development of the sector as a whole.

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