Media from many countries visited the vineyard and its historic winery.
The specialist delivered a global view of the challenges of the development of Enotourism in our country.
The event, which took place in the Municipality of Vitacura, was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker; the new director of ProChile, Jorge O'Ryan and with the partners of the Association.
The activity included a seminar and a "Walk Around Tasting" of 15 tables.
The agronomist has the aim of the making publications and studies to inform,
The fair concentrated a large number of experts and vineyards around the world.
The article analyzed the main challenges faced by women in the Chilean wine industry.
This map provides detailed agroclimatic information and 21st century climate change scenarios.
In the note, the history of the vineyard was discussed and how today the property of 38 hectares has become known for producing some of the most elegant and expensive whites in the country.
The workshop was directed to the Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), one of the largest and most influential distributors of alcohol in North America.
The award includes an extensive interview that Peter Richards made to Chadwick because of this distinction.
At the meeting, they analyzed the future of the new projects and what is coming for the sector.
The team will work directly in the development of the different lines of action.
This campaign is the continuation of the campaign launched on 2016 which aimed to make known the diversity of the country and the wines.
This market has experienced consumer-level changes, including the increased use of online channels and a greater appreciation of the experience.