“Full Circle Beverage Conference: LIVE @ Home”

Dear Wineries:

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have fueled the need for virtual connectivity. The online course industry has grown by almost 200%, and this growth has sustained through June when compared to rates pre-COVID. That is why this year’s Bevcon is being brought to you in a new format: “Full Circle Beverage Conference: LIVE @ Home”, to provide high quality education at zero cost to VIP delegates.

To allow participants to have a full tasting experience Full Circle will work together with it’s sister company “Master the World” to anaerobically rebottle the wines into a sample format.

This year’s Bevcon will draw 100 top buyers from all over the USA, who will be able to participate trough a unique online platform that will allow them to immerse themselves in an multisession virtual, course-based experience.


1.- Wines of Chile will host a Seminar that will feature 6 chilean wines, that will be rebottled into 187ml bottles.


  • Minimun SRP $12
  • No Sparkling or fortified wines.


* Members: US $3.333 + 36 bottles of selected Wine

* Non Members: US $4.333 + 36 bottles of selected Wine

2.- South American comparative seminar with 2 available spots for Chile.

Conditions: Same as above.


* Members: US $3.350 + per Sku

* Non Members: US $4.355 per Sku

*** All wines will be approved by Evan Goldstein and he will decide the varieties, regions etc based on who registers and the theme that materializes.

*** All submited wines must be available in the US Market.

If you wish to participate you must complete the attached Commitment Letter and Wine application form and send it to Constanza Jopia and María Belén Navarro.


BevCon attracts 100+ top buyers from all over the country to learn about the producers and appellations from the world’s best regions.

  • Custom Wine Kit: custom wine selection made in conjunction with MS Evan Goldstein.
  • Master Sommelier-Led Seminars: master sommelier lead and customized content with additional live/recorded winemakers.
  • Customized Educational Webinar Content: Accessible for 1 year, including a recording of live session for Sponsor’s use.
  • Master the World Wine Profile: Wines will be tasted and profiled by a panel of 3 Master Sommeliers and will be available to Sponsors.
  • Webinar Streamed on Facebook Live.
  • Expand Seminar Reach: Invite your own audience beyond Conference VIPs to tune in.
  • Evaluations and Feedback Survey shared after course completion.
  • Virtual Happy Hour Breakout Session for sponsors and VIP attendees.

Wine shipping:

Wines of Chile will provide shipping instructions upon confirmation of selection.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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