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Wine contribution

Wine accounts for a significant contribution to the Chilean economy, representing 0.5% of the GDP and employing over 100,000 people in direct work, of which only 53% work in the vineyards (followed by 19% in logistics, transport, and marketing, 17% in wineries, 9% in bottling, and 2% in production). Today, there are 800 active wineries in Chile, 11,697 producers, and 394 wine exporting companies, of which 76% are SMEs. It is also important to highlight the decentralizing role of wine in Chile, given that 91% of the wine-producing surface, 92% of wineries, and 85% of the work associated with the industry are located outside of the Metropolitan Region. The regions featuring the largest amount of vineyards are the O’Higgins Region (32.7%) and Maule (37.9%). The wine industry is one of the most relevant industries for our country. It is worthy of note that wine in Chile accounts for 5.7% of exports that are not copper, 16.5% of agricultural exports, and it also contributes $205 million dollars through tax collection due to the payment of VAT and the alcohol tax.

  • 0.5% of the GDP.
  • 100,000 direct jobs.
  • 800 active wineries.
  • 394 exporting companies (76% SMEs).
  • 5.7% of non-copper exports.
  • 16.5% of agricultural exports.
  • US $205 million in the payment of VAT and the alcohol tax.
  • 91% of the wine-producing surface is located outside of the Metropolitan Region.
  • 92% of wineries are found outside of the Metropolitan Region.

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