Maule Valley

The largest wine-producing region in Chile is also one of the most diverse, both in terms of geography and climate. It encompasses the Andes towards the east, the flat and sunny valleys along the central corridor, and the coastal hills towards the west. This makes it possible for the red and white varieties to find an optimal terroir to be grown. This valley displays a Mediterranean climate and great influence from the cool wind that sweeps down from the Andes Mountains at night, increasing the daily temperature variation and shortening the period of maximum temperatures, and thus helping the fruit ripen slowly and under good conditions. In contrast to many other agricultural regions in Chile, the Maule Valley does not have any ocean influence, but it does maintain a favorable daily temperature differential. These climatic conditions endow the Carménère with a signature aromatic intensity, characteristically full of spices and black pepper from this region, and they allow the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to flourish as well. Maule is also home to some of the country’s oldest vineyards, a rainfed, head-trained viticulture, and an excellent region for finding the exceptional Carignane.

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