Vinexpo Paris contará e una agenda totalmente nueva -el programa ON! – destinada a descubrir y compartir a través de más de 100 eventos, talleres, catas o conferencias, con toda la industria internacional del vino y las bebidas espirituosas.


Calidad única e inigualable a nivel internacional y profesional, así se presenta ProWein. Los expositores y visitantes contribuyen de forma decisiva al éxito de ProWein. La feria ofrece excelentes oportunidades de negocio. ProWein es actualmente: la feria internacional líder de vinos y bebidas espirituosas.

Taste is in our Nature: Whites and Rosés

Los consumidores jóvenes representan un target clave al momento de hablar de aumento de la demanda de vinos chilenos en UK. Para este segmento, un lugar de reunión y de alta frecuencia de visita son los Bares y Pubs, sin embargo en estos lugares la oferta de vinos es muy limitada, por lo que se […]

Educate the educators “Chile update”

The activity consists of a masterclass and tasting where it is intended to show the different styles of wines and the latest innovations in Chilean wine with the aim of continuing to educate the press, the circle of wine writers , sommeliers, among others; regarding new developments and differentiating aspects of the national offer. We […]

Influencer Campaign “Welcome to vinoculture”

This activity will be carried out jointly with the FirstPour Talent agency, and will consist of creating a communication campaign using key influencers with the aim of achieving awareness and promoting Chilean wines. This allows us to introduce ourselves to a Chilean way of doing things, with a new word that we can take ownership […]

UK Media Focus

As this is a key market for the image of Chilean wine, it is essential to work with one of the main specialized media, such as The Drinks Business, with the aim of staying in the top of mind among the origins of most important wine in the world. This activity consists of a series […]

Retailer Promotion “Made by Experts”

This activity is aligned with our objective of highlighting sustainability as a differentiating attribute and of showing fine wines from Chile in a market that has the role of amplifying the image of our country as a high quality origin. quality. The event will consist of a series of actions that will be developed in […]

Annual Trade & Consumer Tasting

Annual Trade & Consumer Tasting is one of the main actions we carry out in the market and consists of an event in which the wineries have the opportunity to meet and interact with the On and Off trade in the United Kingdom , Sommeliers, Press, among others. This makes it possible to give visibility […]