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Signature Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines of Chile Wine Spectator and Gary´s Wine Marketplace Wine Promotion

We would like to kindly invite your brand to be part of a greatpromotion for Chile. Wines of Chile and Gary´s WineMarketplace will co-sponsor IGTV Straight Talks at Wine Spectator.
The sponsorship will include placements of logos in various other WS platforms, such as web site, newsletter, email blast, etc. From these various placements, WOC will be able to drive traffic to a Chile landing page at where all wines in promotion will be featured. Estimated reach of the sponsorship is 10 million WS followers.

The Activity
Drive awareness and sales of Wines of Chile in Gary´s.
From September 8 to the end of October 2020.

Benefits for the wine brands:

  • Custom Landing Page for Participating Wineries and URL.
    Gary´s will create a landing page for Chile at This landing page will use Gary’stemplate and will include the banner Chile Month at Gary’s!
    Educational materials from Chile (videos and images) will be available and included in the landing page to maximize the costumer experience when searching for Chilean wines.
    There is no Chile page today. This page will be created with the participating wineries.
  • 4 dedicated email and related email house ads
    (bottom banner) to Gary´s costumers. 1 email blast aweek, during the 4 weeks of the campaign.
  • Gary’s will offer special discount of 15% off, for 2 bottles or more during the campaign, for all Participating Wineries. Wineries featured in the Chile landing page.
  • WOC and Gary’s will coordinate a series of Master Classes
    (panel structure) to discuss about the wines in promotion featuring wines in promotion. Gary’s and Wines of Chile will work together to decide the best winemakers – owners – we should bring together for this Classes and will provide coherent promotion and exposure to the sessions.
  • Gary’s will provide the campaign results to WOC by product.
    Post campaign results comparing periods before and during promotion:
  • # of bottles purchased.
  • # of unique customers purchasing Chilean wines
  • Revenue.
  • Segmentation through varietals and price segment.
  • Data will be delivered within 45 days of the conclusion of the Promotion.

Wines of Chile Members: US$500 per SKU
No Members: US$ 650 per SKU.
Precio Pyme no socio: USD $520 per SKU

Wine Criteria: Wines over USD 8 per bottle (retail price)
To participate: Complete the attached Commitment Letter and Wine app form below, if you have any questions please reach out to Constanza Jopia
(USA) or María Belén Navarro (Chile) .

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