Misiones de Rengo


Temperance and faith is only a small part of Rengo’s rich history. The natural spirit of the place and its people is strongly tied to the various orders of priests that have undertaken their missions and spiritual exercises there.

The Spanish spiritual crusade spread through the countryside, haciendas, and towns. The word that transmitted the mystery of faith was disseminated with the strength that brings with it the gift of the deep conviction.

The first church was erected in 1730, with simple architecture that included terracotta roof tiles, wood, and a bell tower of medium height. From then on, mass and prayer was multiplied to embrace Rengo and its people, anointing them with a mantle of faith and devotion.

This mystical spirit can still be felt today while walking through its streets and places, the same spaces that now nourish the Viña Misiones de Rengo.

For you, for us, Misiones de Rengo is the natural heir to this sentiment.


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