J. Bouchon


A winery without a past is like a wine without character. At J. Bouchon, above all else, we believe in tradition and quality. Our history goes a long way back to 1892 when Emily Bouchon, a native of Bordeaux (France), arrived in Chile and settled down in the Maule Valley, south of Santiago. Julio Bouchon S., the current president and owner, is an Agronomist that graduated at the University of Chile and holds an Enologist degree from the University of Bordeaux.

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Phone: (56-2) 246-9778    Fax: (56-2) 246-9707    Url: www.jbouchon.cl

Address: Evaristo Lillo 178, of. 21, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

Member Type: Viña

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