The origin of Estampa’s name was nothing short of a miracle. In Santiago, Chile, when a traveling salesman near the central plaza was offering various religious Estampas—pocket-size religious images—to passers-by. Suddenly, he saw the Lady of Carmen Estampa take off by itself and miraculously start flying over his head. After more than half an hour of rambling flight—much to the growing crowd’s dismay—the Estampa traveled from one side of the plaza to the other, then crossed the Mapocho River until it gracefully landed on the feet of a woman teaching catechism to her children.

To celebrate this extraordinary event, a catholic church was built in 1794 in the same place where the Estampa landed and was named the church of Our Lady of Carmen of the Flying Estampa.

Don Manuel González Dieguez, Spanish immigrant and grandfather of the current González family, bought a wheat mill located next to the newly founded church and named it Molino Estampa after the flying Estampa miracle.

Today over a century old, the original grain mill is still in operation, but the latest generation of Don Manuel’s descendants, the González-Ortiz family, has put a modern twist on the family business. Nowadays, the family has applied its milling experience in a new technical grains company with a list of international clientele.

The González-Ortiz family has continued the legacy of their great grandfather with a new interest, again with a technical twist. The family built the first winery in Chile dedicated to Assemblage wines and they named it Estampa to keep the tradition within the family, and to honor both the miracle of the flying Estampa and the vision of the company’s founder, Don Manuel González Dieguez.

These visionaries provided Estampa with modern viticulture and infrastructure, together with the technological platform to guarantee the production of New World wines of international quality marked by the distinctive Estampa style. This style is already receiving global recognition, both in prestigious wine competitions and from the specialized wine press.


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