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To speak of Viña Carta Vieja is to speak of the history and tradition of Chilean wine. The winery dates to the early 19th century when Carlos Adolfo del Pedregal left his home in Asturias (Spain) settled in the heart of the Loncomilla Valley. Here in these generous new lands he embarked upon his mission to become one of the best wine producers of the New World.

With a forward-thinking vision and attracted by the quality of this terroir, Carlos Adolfo planted his first vineyards in 1825. After 180 years and seven generations in the hands of the del Pedregal family, Viña Carta Vieja has successfully taken up the beautiful challenge of continuing the family business and adapting it to new trends and different circumstances over the course of the history of Chilean wine.

Many of these transformations have fallen to the hands of the current president, Mr. Alberto del Pedregal Aldunate, who has overseen the modernization of the winemaking techniques used in the historic winery facility. Later, in the mid-1980’s, Alberto and his son José Manuel del Pedregal Labbé—now the winery’s CEO—were forced to confront the declining internal market that once again threatened to put an end to the industry. In 1989, Viña Carta Vieja faced one of its greatest challenges when it dispatched its first shipments to the world’s most demanding essay writing service markets: England and the United States.

Nowadays, Viña Carta Vieja exports 95% of its production to more than 60 countries around the world. The winery remains in the hands of the del Pedregal family. The del Pedregal family, aided by a distinguished team of professionals and the latest technology, is dedicated to achieving their objectives and transmitting the art of fine winemaking to future generations.


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