Viña BotalcuraViña Botalcura is the result of the passion of two men—one Chilean, one French, and both passionate about the small town of Botalcura and the wines they can make there.

Chilean businessman Juan Fernando Waidele met French winemaker Philippe Debrus in 2000, and their fate was sealed. Waidele was seduced by the enchanting Maule Valley countryside and Debrus longed to return to the hands-on style of winemaking he learned as a young winemaker in France. They began their project in 2000 and vinified their first wine in 2002.

We built our winery in western Chile, near the Coastal Mountains, in the town of Botalcura, and have since become an essential part of the community where the El Delirio and La Porfia vineyards are planted. Our Reserve and Grand Reserve wines are named for these vineyards that were christened by the venerated residents of this land of promise.

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