The Wine Regions of Chile


Limarí Valley

D.O. Coquimbo

Valley: LIMARÍ

The Limarí Valley is both an old and new wine region. Vines were first planted in the mid-16th century, but new technology has led terroir-hunting winemakers to take a fresh look at this curious territory.The Pacific Ocean’s cooling Camanchaca fog creeps into the valley from the west each morning and retreats as the sun rises over the Andes and bathes the vines in pure light in the afternoon. With less than 4 inches of rainfall per year, drip irrigation allows the vines to flourish as their roots dig deep into the mineral-rich soil. The combination creates fresh wines with a distinct mineral edge.

Pronunciation Guide: lee-ma-REE (Valley); ko-KIM-bo (D.O.)

Hectares planted: 1667

Hectares Planted

Cabernet Sauvignon | 720

Merlot | 190

Carménère | 124

Syrah | 112

Chardonnay | 134

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