The Wine Regions of Chile


Curicó Valley

D.O.: Central Valley

Valley: CURICÓ

Diversity is king in Curicó, where more than 30 varieties of wine grapes have grown since the mid-1800s, and winegrowing is its primary industry.

Curicó’s modern winemaking history began when Spanish producer Miguel Torres began his first New World endeavor here in the 1970s and opened the doors to a wave of foreign investment in Chile’s New World wine paradise.

Pronunciation Guide: kur-ee-KOH (Valley); Central Valley (D.O.)

Total Hectares planted: 19,091

Hectares Planted

Cabernet Sauvignon | 6752

Merlot | 2928

Carménère | 1121

Sauvignon Blanc | 3775

Chardonnay | 1435

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