The Wine Regions of Chile


Colchagua Valley

D.O.: Central Valley / Rapel


The southernmost portion of the Rapel Valley is one of Chile’s best known wine regions and has earned much applause for its full-bodied Cabernet, Carménère, Syrah, and Malbec, and its wines regularly appear high on the world’s lists of leading wines. The majority of the wineries are concentrated in the center of the valley, although new plantations climb hillsides and explore the western frontier toward the sea.

Pronunciation Guide: kohl-CHA-gwa (Valley); ra-PEL Valley / Central Valley (D.O.)

Total hectares planted: 23,368

Hectares Planted

Cabernet Sauvignon | 11186

Merlot | 3347

Carménère | 2344

Syrah | 1072

Malbec / Cot | 393

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