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Bill Zacharkiw on Chile’s Wine Regions in the Montreal Gazette

Bill Zacharkiw off for an aerial view of Chile's wine regions

Bill Zacharkiw off for an aerial view of Chile's wine regions

From the rooftop of Santiago’s W Hotel to all of the regions he visited during his recent trip to Chile, Canadian winewriter Bill Zacharkiw could see the Andes… Not surprising. In fact, it’s pretty hard to be anywhere in Chile where they don’t provide a gorgeous backdrop… but that’s not to overlook the vital importance of Chile’s other, less famous range, the Coastal Mountains.

And that got Bill thinking about regions and regionality in Chilean wines.

Read more in the Saturday, February 13, 2010 edition of the Montreal Gazette: Understanding regions of Chile is key to choosing right wines


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  1. Wines of Chile» Blog Archive » Chile’s 3C’s: Cabernet, Carmenere, and Carignan wrote,

    [...] of Chile Awards, and then exploring some of Chile’s wine regions (see his recent column on Understanding Chilean Wine Regions). He’s still got Chile on his mind this week as he continues to reflect on his experience [...]

  2. Bernard Dahl - wrote,

    Bill always seems to find the best angle to help his readers appreciate wines - especially with his open-minded approach to exploring South American wines. Salud!


  3. justin wrote,

    ‘Page not found’ in the gazette … too bad, really looking forward to reading.

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