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Tony Aspler in Chile: A wine-lover’s diary

Tony Aspler

Tony Aspler

Renowned Canadian wine expert Tony Aspler (The Wine Guy) was one of the judges for the 7th Annual Wines of Chile Awards held in Santiago last week. (Read about the Closing event and Winners here, and about the Judges and event preliminaries here).

It turns out that Tony is not only very thorough about his tasting notes, but about his trip notes as well. He has just published his travel diary for his Chilean adventure (tasting, judging, speaking, wining & dining, and winery visits) with photos and complete tasting notes with scores.

Click here to see  Tony Aspler’s “A Wine Lover’s Diary part 274″


Published: 2010-01-22
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  1. Wines of Chile» Blog Archive » Tony Aspler in Chile: A wine … | Chile Today wrote,

    [...] More: Wines of Chile» Blog Archive » Tony Aspler in Chile: A wine … [...]

  2. Amici Eatery wrote,

    I am delighted that i know Mr. Tony Aspler, after reading his diaries i got inspired on drinking wines and got knowledge too. He’s truly called the wine lover. Cheers to that!

  3. Editor wrote,

    @Amici Thanks for writing! It’s always good to hear when someone has such a positive effect.
    Cheers–or, as we say in Chile–Salud!

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