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Syrahs of Chile favored at international competition

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Amid the romance and antiquity of an elegant Renaissance-era chateau, Chilean Syrahs made a deep impression at the 6th annual Syrah du Monde competition, held May 2-4, 2012 at Château d’Ampuis in northern France.

Out of 445 wines from 24 countries, Chilean wineries produced three gold and four silver medals, with an impressive two wines rated in the Top 10 Best Syrah du Monde 2012.

Flexible and decadent, Syrah grapes have a hearty foothold in Chilean soil, especially in the Colchagua, Limarí, Curicó and Maipo valleys, which produced this year’s winners.

Gold medal winners include Viu Manet y Cia’s El Olivar Alta Syrah 2009 and Viña Casa Tamaya del Limarí’s Tamaya Winemaker’s Gran Reserva Syrah 2010, both also earning a place in the top 10.  Viña Casa Silva’s Doña Dominga Single Vineyard Shiraz 2011 also captured a gold medal.

Silver medalists are Luis Felipe Edwards Family Selection Gran Reserva Shiraz 2010, Murmullo Reserva Especial Barricas Syrah 2009, Viña Maipo Syrah/Viognier 2009 and Valle del Maipo Do Syrah Limited Edition 2010.

Syrah du Monde is an internationally-recognized competition with rigorous selection standards.  Expert judges gather under ideal wine tasting conditions and strict environmental standards to thoroughly analyze the Syrah contestants, searching for wines with unique and diverse characteristics.

A Syrah du Monde press release describing the results of the 2012 competition clarifies, “Each of the wines that distinguished themselves at Syrah du Monde did so because of their own distinctive quality, not in comparison to other wines.”

Particular favor was placed on “wines with well-balanced alcohol levels and with aroma intensity and depth including a wide range from exotic to traditional.”  Younger wines, rosé varieties, sparkling and late-harvest wines were also highly regarded in this challenge.

Collecting 10 percent of gold medals awarded by Syrah du Monde 2012, Chile’s reputation for rich Syrah terroir stands firm on the international competitive wine circuit.


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