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Wein+Markt on Chile: Riskanter Preispoker?

wein-markt-2010 Chile: Riskanter Preispoker?In the June 2010 edition of German wine magazine Wein+Markt, Chief Editor Werner Engelhard addresses the current state of Chilean wine with respect to the effects that the earthquake combined with the smaller 2010 yield may have in the German market.

This 4-page article thoroughly analyzes imports of bulk and bottled wine and specifically addresses the case of the Top-15 Chilean producers in the German market (VIA Wines leads the pack), and includes the opinions and outlook of German buyers who are developing their business plans for the year.

Click here to download the article (in German): Chile: Riskanter Preispoker? from Wein+Markt, June 2010.


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