Chilean Wine Quiz Intermediate


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This region known for its premium reds (and some exciting coastal whites) takes its name from tallest mountain in the Americas:


The northern Elqui Valley has made lots of news over the past few years over this cool-climate variety.

The Pacific current that cools Chilean wine countryquiz_5

Cabernet Sauvignons from this valley are known for their history and elegance, and often show a tell-tale hint of mint.


Many historic wineries are found on the outskirts of this capital city:


This desert in northern Chile is famous for international observatories and helping protect Chilean vines from pests and disease


Unlike in other parts of the world, Chilean vines do not require grafting due to the absence of:


Some of the oldest vines in the world today grow in this wine valley in southern Chile:


Chile's wines go well with food because of their tremendousquiz_11