Chile Basics


Trying to get a handle on Chile and Chilean wine? You’ve come to the right place.

This section will help put Chile and its wines into context.

About Chile

About Chile

See the Fact Sheet for general information about the country, or check out Chile A to Z to discover a host of interesting Chile trivia to amaze and impress your friends!

Chile’s Wine Heritage

Chile Wine Heritage

The Chilean Wine Heritage section gives an overview of Chile’s 460 years of winemaking.


Wine & Food

Wine And Food

We also offer Wine & Food Pairing tips to help you find the right Chilean wine for every occasion as well as your favorite international dishes.

Wine Fun

Wine Fun

And then, go ahead, have some Wine Fun! Try your hand at entertaining quizzes, crosswords, and more.

Wine Travel


Planning a trip? Be sure to consult the Wine Travel section for valuable information about visiting our partner wineries as well as other exciting tourism options.

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