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Wines of Chile has programs with marketing and public relations agencies in:

  • United Kingdom,  with an office in London
  • United States, with an office in New York City
  • Canada, operated by agencies in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
  • Ireland
  • Denmark

Wines of Chile also joins with ProChile to cover 12 to 15 complementary markets in Asia, Latin America, and Europe for educational and promotional activities primarily aimed at opinion leaders, with only a secondary emphasis on consumers.

Activities include:

  • Trade and consumer fairs
  • Annual Wines of Chile Awards
  • Innovation Awards
  • Annual Tastings in key markets
  • Sommelier Summits
  • Market intelligence
  • On-trade promotions
  • Point of sale promotions
  • Inserts and newsletters
  • Trade magazine supplement support
  • On-Line bloggers tastings
  • Trade and Media Educational Trips to Chile