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Viña CanepaJosé Canepa Vacarezza founded Canepa winery in 1930 soon after arriving in Chile from Italy. Since its creation, the winery has been known for its progressive outlook and its contribution to the development of Chilean wine. Today, Viña Canepa has an extensive product portfolio. While each wine line has its own special touch, all wines have something in common: “elegance and innovation,” characteristics which help achieve clear brand identity. Both Canepa wines and labels have been renovated over time without discarding the winery’s history and traditions.

Canepa Brands

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Phone: (56-2) 476-5382

Fax: (56-2) 476-5186


Address: Av. Nueva Tajamar 481, Torre Norte, Oficina 505, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile