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Meteorological Project

Meteorological Project

The Wines of Chile Technical Consortiums are implementing the first network of meteorological stations for the Chilean wine industry. The project consists of 33 meteorological stations to be installed in vineyards throughout the country’s entire wine producing areas to provide data for technical analysis by experts at the University of Talca.

The network will offer real-time meteorological information online with the general objective of improving the industry’s competitiveness by implementing bioclimatic indexes and processed climate information related to Chilean terroirs, which will aid in decision-making processes in vineyard operations with respect to cultivar selection and management as well as the effective use of resources.

This project includes the use of special software that manages a large number of meteorological stations and gathers significant volumes of data. The processed information will provide indexes for comparing the influence zones of each of the country’s meteorological stations and contrasting this data with information from around the world with respect to the climatic requirements of different vine cultivars to orient winemakers in managing different varieties in their current production areas and in choosing cultivars for better adaptation when planting new vineyards.

Training and on-going communication will be provided for participating wineries to ensure the best use of the project’s sophisticated tools and help them take the best advantage of the detailed climate information in their mid- and long-term planning.

The valuable information provided by the Meteorological Project will improve the competitiveness of the Chilean wine industry by generating an image of a high quality wine producer that offers wines that express the uniqueness of the different agro climatic regions of our country.

For more information see: Network of Meteorological Stations for Chile’s Winegrowing Valleys (English) and Meteovid: Wines of Chile Meteorological Project (Español)


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