Wines of Chile and the effect of Brexit: "This represents challenges and opportunities”

Wines of Chile President talks about the possibilities of the UK's decision to vote Brexit and leave the EU.

Last month the UK's public voted in a referendum to leave the EU with a 52% majority. While politicians in the UK still deal with working out an exit strategy, it will no doubt have an impact on Chile's trade agreement with the UK - its fourth biggest wine market.

Chile's industry leaders are already beginning to strategise about the possible outcomes. Wines of Chile President Mario Pablo Silva reflects on the possible effects of Brexit on the Chilean wine industry:

"For our industry this can be an opportunity to grow our sales in the UK. The distancing of the UK from the EU should lead to higher consumption of New World wines and Chile should be at the head of this, while simultaneaously consolidating and enlarging its market in continental Europe."

"We are monitoring the situation. Today we have zero tariffs, given the free trade agreement with the EU. From a regulatory point of view and policy on labeling and oenological practices we will not see any significant changes that affect us. But surely at the level of bilateral relations, we will see over time and as an association, we will be present and proactive in the development discussions."