Chile is Wine Spectator’s ‘Big Red Machine’ this month

Chile is hot topic in latest edition of Wine Spectator

In this month’s Wine Spectator magazine, Chile was in the limelight with a special feature dedicated to its excellent red wines and another feature highlighting the ‘sleek’ white wines and diversity of Chile’s wine production.

The main feature story "Chile: Big Red Machine" took a look at Chile’s bold red wines, celebrating the unparalleled quality-to-price ratio of its Cabernet and Cabernet blends. A list of 20 wines were picked as Top Wines including the icon wines of Concha y Toro, Lapostolle, Montes, Montgras, Almaviva, Perez Cruz, Errazuriz, San Pedro, Santa Ema, VIK and Viu Manent.

Another article by Kim Marcus in the magazine, "Chile: Bold Reds, Sleek Whites”, looked further into the diversity of varieties produced by Chile including elegant Chardonnay, fruity Sauvignon Blanc, and delicious Pinot Noir.

"It all adds up to an enticing mix of flavors, styles and new wines,” writes Marcus. “But Chile's best and most powerful bottlings remain its big reds. The most exciting and accessible of these are based on Cabernet Sauvignon. Chile excels with wines that can easily best counterparts made in California or France in the $15 to $40 price range.”

Within the article, flying winemaker Paul Hobbs also commented on the inspiring direction of Chile: “Chile for the past 20 years was driven by the back office, but now there is a new generation that is leading the way," says Hobbs, who also consults for San Pedro in Chile. "Chile has had amazing economic growth, and the infrastructure has improved. Chile is on the move and that's exciting.”

To read more on the wine listing in the latest edition of Wine Spectator, check out the PDF here.

By Amanda Barnes