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Address: Nueva Tajamar 481 Torre Sur, of. 701, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

Viñedos Emiliana S.A was founded in 1986, under the name of Bodegas y Viñedos Santa Emiliana. The main object of our company was to produce exceptional wines, being the result of a work performed carefully through an integrated handling of the vineyards. At Viñedos Emiliana S.A. we work each one of the productive process parts as a fundamental fragment of a whole, by a rigorous treatment from the soils up to the final result, a high quality wine. A very important aspect that characterizes us, is that from the beginning we have concentrated on investing in own land, and today we have more than 1,550 hectares in Chile’s best wine valleys. We can truly say, therefore, that every bottle contains the best of the Chilean wine regions. Starting from the premise “The quality born in our vineyards,” our company is constantly innovating to achieve the quality we are known for, guaranteeing that all the grape used in our wines comes from our own vineyards, located in the Casablanca, Maipo, and Rapel (Cachapoal and Colchagua)Valleys. All three are internationally well-known for having the best Chilean soils, climates and topographies for the wine-making use. In the production process the harmony is fundamental between the quality of the vineyards, the rigorousness in the processes and the commitment of the human team employed in the company. Under these parameters, in Emiliana Vineyards we have put into practice the integrated management system in order to meet with the high environmental production standards of international character. This caring spirit and concern for the environment led us, in 2001, to be pioneers in Chile by receiving the ISO 14,001 certification, a great pride motive for everyone who put their daily efforts into making a wines of unequivocally high quality, which also has the benefit of caring for the Chilean land. In 1998 we achieved an important project that consisted of contributing excellent vineyards from the valleys of Casablanca, Maipo, and Colchagua, in order to incorporate them into a handling of organic and biodynamic agriculture, giving birth to Emiliana Orgánico, a unique project in Chile and pioneer in Latin America.