What does Chilean sparkling wine mean to you?

It is the season to enjoy a bottle of bubbly or two! And there are so many great options from Chile today, as one of the fastest growing wine categories in the country. We asked some of Chile's top sparkling winemakers what Chilean sparkling wine means to them...

Carlos Concha, Undurraga

"Sparkling wines are my favourite. I think that in Chile we have an immense potential to produce sparkling wines of high quality, by both traditional method and Charmat. However as an industry I think we have started quite late in focusing on this category. In my opinion, Chilean sparkling wine is a diamond in the rough - we need to define its style and personality, in order to let the world know about it with a distinctive name."


Adolfo Hurtado, Cono Sur

"Chilean sparkling wine is a category that has started to debut in our country where I think that Chile is capable of offering great quality. Chile is a privileged country in the sense of its natural conditions to produce grapes... it has a unique combination of low temperatures, high luminosity and no rains in the spring or summer. This means that the quality of our white grapes and also Pinot Noir are of a high level, and ensures we can have a great base for our sparkling wines."


Mario Geisse, Casa Silva

"Chilean sparkling wine for me is a product in evolution which is beginning to gain ground and an importance that it didn't have before. It is on the path for better winemaking technology and more rigorous selection of raw materials, with a new marketing focus."


Eduardo de Solminihac, Aquitania

"Sparkling wine has existed in Chile for many years, but in the last 3 to 5 years so many new and interesting sparkling wines have appeared, and also some things that you can't make heads or tails of! We have the raw material, we just need to start to focus in the right direction. I would like to see more sparkling wines directed towards quality and elegance."