Chilean wines to pair with Thanksgiving

As everyone in the US gears up for a long weekend of roast turkey and leftovers, we wanted to give you some delicious Chilean wines that will pair perfectly with your Thanksgiving dinner!

Chilean bubbly

Who isn’t a fan of starting off with a bit of sparkle? Chilean fizz offers a style for everyone - from fruity charmat-method sparkling wines to the more complex champenoise-method wines. If you are just drinking your sparkling wine for starters then go for one of the lighter, easy-drinking sparkling wines made in the charmat method. There are some lovely fruit-driven sparkling wines from the central valleys from Curico down to Bio Bio. If you want to pair fizz with your food, then a Chilean sparkling wine made in champenoise method has that extra complexity and that refreshing acidity that works wonderfully with food. Regions to look out for are the cooler coastal areas of Casablanca, San Antonio and Limari. If you are planning to deep fry your turkey this year, then sparkling wine is definitely the way to go!

Gewürztraminer, Riesling and aromatic whites

Although Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is better known, Chile also produces delicious aromatic varieties including great Gewürztraminer and Riesling. The cooler coastal regions and mild southern regions are great for these varieties, offering explosive aromas with crisp acidity. Muscat is also a delicious aromatic variety that grows particularly well in southern Chile in Itata where the old vines make wines of top quality. Aromatic whites (and orange wines!) are a great pair for Thanksgiving food as they cleanse the palate and highlight the more subtle aromatics in the food and wine.


Chile’s signature grape is filled with fresh red fruit notes and spice that works really well with the flavours of stuffing and the all-important cranberry sauce. With a range of different styles from around the country, you can find a Carmenere to suit all palates. The best pairing for your turkey dinner is a lighter style of Carmenere, with little or no oak aging, where the fruit and peppery notes of Carmenere shine and combine wonderfully with the season's ingredients. Thanksgiving also falls on Carmenere Day this year - on Thursday 24th November. What could be a better pairing?

Happy Thanksgiving to all wine lovers in the US!

By Amanda Barnes