Chile makes it to Top 5 in the UK

Chile has overtaken South Africa to claim fifth best selling wine origin in the UK.

Chilean wine value sales over the last year totalled £441.3m compared to £422.2m last year, according to the IRI Report* of total off trade sales over 52 weeks (ending on 8th October 2016).

The total sales pushed Chile into the Top 5, and the report also showed that Chilean wine sales are up by 4.5% Chile is the only country in the top five to have a positive change over the last year as Australia, Italy, the US and France each saw a decline in sales. The only countries in value growth in the Top 10 are Chile, New Zealand and Argentina.

Chile’s growth has been driven by fantastic gains in the convenience sector (where Chile is now the third most popular origin). The top Chilean brand in the convenience sector, Casillero del Diablo, saw over 37% growth in the last year. “I am delighted to see that Chile is now the number 5 origin the UK Market,” says Clare Griffiths, Commercial Director at Concha y Toro UK. “Chile offers a fantastic range of wines and consumers recognise the value that these wines deliver at the price point.”

Anita Jackson, Director of Wines of Chile UK, says the news is even more positive because of the challenging wine market at the moment: "This is fantastic news and sets Chile in good stead for the future. The UK is a challenging market and alcohol consumption has been in decline for several years, however during this time Chile has proved to be a favourite for consumers and has remained in positive growth. Earlier in the year Chile turned a corner in the UK on trade showing a 3% positive in value. Onwards and upwards Chile!"

By Amanda Barnes

*IRI Reports, and state Total Off Trade 52 weeks ending 8.10.16