Chile cheers for National Chilean Wine Day!

As we celebrated 500 years of wine in Chile on our National Chilean Wine Day, more than 1,900 people participated in this event.

Chile celebrated on the National Chilean Wine Day, 4th September, with the longest cheers line ever a over 1,900 people lined up in Santiago city centre to clink glasses and celebrate!

More than 5000 spectators poured onto Avenida Irarrázaval in Nuñoa to watch the enormous cheers line and celebrate #ChileWineDay with live music and local wine. Similtaneously there were wine parties held all over the country, and indeed all over the globe, as people celebrated Chilean wine over the weekend.

Dozens of wineries opened their doors for free tastings throughout the week to encourage everyone in Chile to partake in celebrating the national industry, which provides over a hundred thousand jobs in the country.

Chile's National Wine Day was first held last year to celebrate and commemorate 500 years of wine history in Chile. It was precisely the 4th September in 1545 when Don Pedro de Valdivia wrote to King Charles V of Spain a letter asking for vines and wine for the hosts, because the wine had run out. Following this letter, it is believed that the first vinifera vines were sent to Chile and this marked the beginning of Chile's wine story.

Here's how we celebrated around the globe:

Top left: London; Top right: South Korea; Bottom right: Chile; Bottom left: Philippines.

By Amanda Barnes