WOC Summit Reports: Angelica Valenzuela, Commercial Director

In the 2016 Annual Summit, Wines of Chile Commercial Director, Angelica Valenzuela kicked off the conference with an overview of where Chile is in the industry today and where it is going with the 2025 Strategy.

“The consumers are where we need to focus,” said Angelica. “Women are drinking more and they are the ones buying wine - so we need to focus on them. Sparkling wines is an important category, but not the only one. The millennials are also an important growing market and they are very digitally connected.”

In a SWOT analyses, Angelica identified a strength of Chile in its tradition as well as its innovation and sustainability. “We have a rich diversity in our wines - and it makes Chile exciting! We also have a beautiful country, and we need align our country image with our wine marketing.”

In weaknesses Angelica identified a lack of investment in marketing outside of Chile, which was also an opportunity - to keep Chile present in the minds of international consumers through promotions and campaigns.

Within Wines of Chile’s own strategy for the year to come, Angelica confirmed that during the rest of this year and throughout 2017 the association will be investing in information: in studying the target markets and understanding Chile’s position and opportunities within them. Raising awareness of Chile as a country and as a premium, sustainable and innovative wine producer is also the main focus.

To see Angelica’s full presentation, members can view it in the Member's Area. You can also view Claudia Soler's full report on planned international activities for the year to come.

By Amanda Barnes