WOC Summit Reports: Alessandra Cassolato, WOC Brazil

Reporting on Brazil, one of Chile’s top three markets, Alessandra Cassolato from Wines of Chile Brazil presented an update on the market at the Annual Wines of Chile summit last week.

"In Brazil I think the worst has already passed,” said Alessandra positively at the beginning of her presentation. “We were in a crisis but we are coming out, and things are getting better in Brazil!” Chile is still the biggest wine producing country sold in Brazil and Alessandra highlighted that this is an important responsibility which Chile must continue to value and invest in.

Alessandra analysed the main wine consumers in Brazil, and confirmed that the millenials are the biggest consumers, closely followed by the X Generation. The most popular wines consumed in Brazil are still red wines, followed by whites and sparkling wines.

Contrary to many of the other wine markets, it is actually the men who lead the pack in wine consumption - with a 54% majority. However Alessandra commented that female drinkers are catching up and becoming more influential in Brazil each day.

“In Brazil the trend is to look for new styles, and we are very influenced by social networks - we are one of the biggest users of social networks in the world,” said Alessandra. She also recommended that wineries focus on e-commerce for wine, which has grown 43% in the last four years.

“Brazil is very aspirational, we drink image!” said Alessandra, emphasising that wineries needed to invest in marketing and brand image in Brazil. She added that Chile has a firm base to start from because of the strong connection and friendship between Chile and Brazil which is reaffirmed by the important flow of Brazilian tourism consistently coming to Chile.

Moving onto the market plan for 2017, Alessandra encouraged Chilean wineries to take part in Expovinis Brazil 2017 which is the most important wine fair in the country. “We have 52% of the market, it is really important that we are present in the fair.”

Alessandra also announced that at Expovinis they will be announcing the launch of WOC Academy in Brazil. Similar to the WOC Academy in China, it will be an important tool for educating consumers on Chilean wine and maintaining Chile’s prominence in the market.

Alessandra also announced other tastings, masterclasses, events and the roadshow that are planned for the coming year in different areas in Brazil. In order to see her full presentation and the dates, you can access the report in the Member's Area.

By Amanda Barnes