WOC Summit Reports: Alana Dickson, Western Canada

Reporting on western Canada’s latest wine trends and Chile’s position within the market was Western Canada’s Wines of Chile representative Alana Dickson at last week’s Annual Summit.

Alana presented an overview of wine consumption in western Canada, where Chile has an important presence but also faces a lot of competition with mostly other New World countries. “We do have high competition, there are many wine producers who are investing heavily in the western Canada market.”

Alana recommended that Chilean wineries should focus on consumer-based campaigns and programs, aimed at the millennial generation. “We need to focus on the younger generation, the millenials,” she said. “They want to drink more wine and they are engaged. The more information we can give to them, the more they will want to try it.”

Looking at the strategy plan for western Canada in 2017, Alana introduced many different events, themed tastings and WOC’s presence in wine festivals. Another new addition to the region is also the WOC Academy in order to help educate consumers on Chilean wine and wine regions. The Academy will take place in 2017 after a Canadian wine educator comes to Chile to learn more about the country.

Another important event that WOC will be bringing back to western Canada is the Taste Chile event which is a trade and consumer tasting. Alana encouraged wineries to take part in the tasting: “It is really important that we get back in front of the consumer, and get them tasting Chilean wines.”

To learn more about the activities, tastings and events happening in western Canada this coming year, you can see Alana’s full report in the Member’s Area.

By Amanda Barnes