Go pink with Chile this Summer!

There is nothing prettier than a glass of pink in the summertime, and Chilean rose is seeing a boom in varieties and styles that will give you a buffet of options to pair with your favourite summer dishes. Here is a guide to Chilean pink that tastes good enough to make you blush!

50 shades of pink

Whether you are a fan of light, Provence-style or the darker Taval-style rose, Chile has got you covered! There are rose wines being made from all the valleys and most red varieties. For those who prefer the lighter side of the scale, try a bottle of Pinot Noir rose. Pinot Noir is our seaside hero that flourishes in the coastal regions where it maintains its crunchy acidity and delicate aromas. This is a perfect pink to drink with light canapés and salads.

You'll find a full range of rose made from varieties including Merlot, Carmenere, Cinsault, Syrah and Malbec from all of Chile's valleys. Perhaps on the other end of the scale is Chilean Syrah rose where you can expect more spicy notes and a bit more body making it a more complex wine to go with richer foods like barbecued sausages served with a typical Chilean pebre (a fresh pepper salsa).

Pink that Sparkles

Sparkling rose has been a favourite since the Franciscan monks started making champagne centuries ago, and in Chile you'll find your fair share of bubbly rose too. Pinot Noir, and Pinot Noir blended with Chardonnay, are the most common sparkling wines in Chile and are mae in both charmat tank method and the traditional champenoise method with a second fermentation in the bottle.

The most Chilean pink fizz of all though, is sparkling Pais. Pais is one of Chile's oldest grapes, first arriving with the Spanish missionaries 500 years ago. Today Chile has a treasure trove of old vines of Pais in Maule and Bio Bio, which are perfect for developing fresh and fruity sparkling Pais. Enjoy this pink just by itself, or with fresh Chilean salmon ceviche!