Thinking outside the box: Luis Gutierrez reports

Wine Advocate writer Luis Gutierrez reports on his trip to Chile, 'Thinking outside the Box'.

Chile is a thin strip of land over 4,000 kilometers long, plus a handful of islands and a further 1.2 million square kilometers of ice. The grape-growing zone is approximately 1,000 kilometers long, although you can probably still go further south and north. In the north the problem is lack of water and in the south it's the intense cold. I hear about some vines planted inside the crater of one of the volcanoes on the Easter Island and the intention to try and make some wine from those plants. It looks like someone seems to be considering the Atacama Desert for vines, although there's no talk of any ice wine yet! So in the future, I might have an excuse to visit these gems, but so far I've limited myself to the Continental Chile, but not necessarily on the beaten path...

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