Santa Carolina

Phone: 224503000
Address: Til Til 2228, Macul, Santiago - Chile

Spirited business visionary, Mr. Luis Pereyra Cotapos, decided to get involved in the ambitious project of winemaking in the distant lands of South America. The name Santa Carolina was born from the great love its founder had for his wife, Mrs. Carolina Iñiguez Vicuña. In order to solidify his business, he invited to Chile a group of three French professionals, lead by the prestigious enologist Germain Bachelet, who were in charge of the selection of the noblest grapevines of the Bordeaux region in France. Together with their families, they established themselves in Chile and began the plantation and production at the new winery. In this way, grapevines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay were planted in the finest lands of the Central Valley of Chile. At the same time, French architect Emile Doyeré was contracted to design and construct the principal warehouse of the winery; a warehouse that would have to provide optimal conditions to store oak barrels in order to ensure the high standard of care evident in the entire production process of our wines. The results were so incredible that the warehouse remains intact and functional today; and it was declared a National Monument in 1973 for its architectural beauty and excellent state of conservation. This warehouse is the only remaining industrial building in Chile that was constructed using the technique of binding bricks with a lime-based mortar (lime & egg whites), a technique that is still used today. Searching for the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, Viña Santa Carolina has developed a constant plan of investing in the latest technologies to optimize the winemaking process. Therefore, if we add together over 125 years of experience, the dedicated work of our group of enologists, and the privileged land and climate where our vineyards are located, we obtain the essence of the successful path of Viña Santa Carolina.