Loma Larga

Phone: 226572211
Address: El Golf 82, piso 9, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

Don Manuel Joaquín Díaz Escudero Alvarez de Toledo, grandfather of the owners of Loma Larga, personally brought French strains from his successive tours of Paris and Bordeaux, which were planted with the help of French winemakers in his estate “Chacra Victoria”, now located in the heart of Santiago city. With the intention of keeping this wine tradition alive, which brought their ancestors to produce high quality wines, as noted in the wine exhibition in Paris in 1889, the family began planting vines in their estate in Casablanca in 1999. Previously, they started studying the climate and soil that led them to discover the big potential of the terroir of Loma Larga, which became the emblem of cool climate wines producers in Chile.