Phone: 72-2444300
Address: Camino La Estrella 401 of. 5, Rancagua - Chile

Our winery, which is located in the Maipo Valley in one of the closest points to the coast, in the San Pedro district of the  Metropolitan Region. It was developed under the concepts of efficiency, high quality and the latest technology. It reflects within the whole productive process, which starts through a system of gravitation for the reception of the grapes thus avoiding any damaging of the grapes, using selection conveyor belts so the grapes can be transferred to the stainless steel tanks where fermentation will take place. Ecological care has been the key in the spirit within which the winery was designed, a structuring a used cycle and water treatment which it is then used for watering the vineyards. The flora and the local wildlife have been respected and a special emphasis has been placed on the protection of energy.