Advances in the REP Law

Earlier this month, was published in the Official Journal the resolution amending law 20,920, through a supreme decree which establishes the goals of collection, valuation and other associated obligations of packaging and packaging, Added to the regulation of the system of deposit and reimbursement of returnable beverages of a single use, through the promotion of the recycling.

Wines of Chile and the consortium I D, which are active participants of the extended committee REP-SOFOFA, met during the last week to define the representatives that establishes the recently promulgated decree.

The Commission works with the consultancy EY for the development of important inputs that will be part of the discussion of goals, as they will receive technical, economic and social background on the subject to regulate.

Finally, it is expected to have during this month the second report of EY and a workshop will be scheduled for the dissemination of results.