Wines of Chile presented the analysis of the Asian Markets and Plan of Activities

Last Wednesday, Wines of Chile (WOC) presented an analysis of the markets focus in Asia and the plan of activities for the 2018 in that region, before an important group of Export managers belonging to outstanding national vineyards.

In the meeting it analyzed the sustained growth that has experienced China, where to October 2017 Chile's wines have grown in 39% in volume and 40% in value over USD 40 box (9 liters).

Angélica Valenzuela, commercial director of WOC, exhibited in front of about fifty executives of the sector, an analysis of the growth of Chilean vineyards in the Chinese market. In addition, it presented the creation of the committees for the generation of content by market-target-and referred to the Street Art Festival that will be held in March 2018 in Valparaiso. In addition, Julio Alonso, director of WOC's Asia office, reviewed the activities of 2017 and the effects sought, followed by the explanation of the different market plans.

The great assistance to this briefing confirms the interest of the industry for the markets of Asia, during the coming years.