Xi Jinping en route to Chile

This week Chile welcomes China’s President Xi Jinping on a special visit to its trading partner.

Since the Free Trade Agreement of 2005, China has become one of Chile’s most important wine markets in the world with annual wine exports at over USD$175million.

“The visit of President Xi to our country is certainly a great milestone for the political relationship between Chile and China,” says Julio Alonso, Director of Wines of Chile Asia. “Chile was the first country in South America to establish diplomatic relations with China, and the first to have a Free Trade Agreement with the Republic of China.

“But maybe the most important part of this visit will be how it contributes in strengthening the country image of Chile among the Chinese, which is essential to improve the positioning of our products in the country.

“I hope that this visit will be a precursor to a deepening of our political and commercial ties with China, and create a strong push in sales of Chilean wine as we come close to Chinese New Year.”

By Amanda Barnes