“The future is in Chile!” James Suckling takes Chile on tour around the US

Renowned wine critic James Suckling took Chilean wines and wineries on tour with him around the US on his Wines of the Andes three-city tour last week. Visiting New York, Miami and LA, the wine tasting focused on premium, top-scoring wines from both Chile and Argentina with over 60 wineries presenting their wines.

We caught up with James Suckling in LA to find out why he wanted to take Chile on tour and what he thinks is exciting about the country right now:

“I am really excited about showing the wines of the Andes and particularly of Chile because the wines are so unique now,” he told Wines of Chile. “They really show a unique character and incredible value, and I’m not talking about cheap wines - I’m talking about $50 or $60 a bottle wines that would cost $200 from other regions.

“That’s why I’ve been going down to Chile for the last few years and I’ve tasted over 5000 wines from Chile in the last year. It’s really exciting every time I go there, there’s something new, there’s a new producer, new wines and it is a really exciting and dynamic place. The future is there!"

This year James Suckling scored a Chilean wine 100 points, making it the first wine in South America to gain that perfect score from a wine critic.


By Amanda Barnes