Chilean wineries put on a good show at VINEXPO Hong Kong

Fifty Chilean wineries put on their best show of wines in VINEXPO Hong Kong this year to make an impact on the Asian market. Catch up on what happened at the fair and the importance of this growing market for Chile.

This week Chile put their best wines on show during the VINEXPO Hong Kong 2016 (24-26 May) fair with the help of Wines of Chile and Prochile. As well as showcasing the top wines of the country and there was a special ‘Espumante Chile’ bar to give visitors a flavour of the great bubbles being produced in Chile.

“This fair is one of the most important in Asia-Pacific, one of the principle markets for Chile, and it offers a strategic place for our Chilean wineries to start new business agreements and help position their wines in the region,” explains Angelica Valenzuela, General Director of Wines of Chile.

This year 50 wineries from Chile participated, showing their new wines to the Asian market where China is already the second biggest market for Chilean wine exports, with a 44% growth according to statistics in January 2016.

As well as showing off the best fine wines from Chile, Wines of Chile organised a fun sparkling wine bar, Espumante Chile, in order to show the great variety of sparkling wines in Chile. Chilean sparkling wine on offer ranged from champenoise method to charmat with traditional varieties to exotic varieties, but each with quality and finesse in common. This bar was organised by Wines of Chile to make sure everyone’s visit to the Chilean wine sector was memorable!